My Five Go-To Franca Patterns

Hi all! I've gathered over the last few weeks that lots of people love the way that Franca yarn from Manos del Uruguay looks, but they don't really know what to do with it. I hope this post will provide some good pattern suggestions for you. Keep reading to see five patterns I love to make with Franca, as well as some nice designer discount codes.

1. The Bulky Spindrift Beanie by Woolly Bear Knits in "Camel"
I knit this up using Franca in "Camel" and the texture these cables create when knit with this yarn is unbeatable. Look at that squish! Both of Emily's Spindrift patterns offer variations for bulky and super bulky yarn - that means these patterns are perfect for Franca or another indie dyed bulky single ply yarn AND yarns closer in weight to Malabrigo Rasta. Here are links for Emily's Instagram, Etsy, and Ravelry.

2. The Bulky Spindrift Cowl by Woolly Bear Knits in "Solana"
This cowl was made with Franca in "Solana" and the end product had the best feel. This yarn is super soft and has a pretty nice loft to it - it makes for very squeezable knits. Great news - Emily is running a sale on her patterns concurrent with this post.  All of her patterns on Etsy AND Ravelry will be 40% off until August 8th, no code needed. Here are links for Emily's Instagram, Etsy, and Ravelry.

3. The Bulky Sidewinder Beanie by Aspen Leaf Knits in "Frost"
Ginny writes the most beautiful, intricate patterns, and when I got my first Franca order in this hat was the first pattern I made. You're seeing it here in "Frost" and it's gorgeous. Just like the Spindrift patterns, Sidewinder offers instructions for two different yarn weights and is a great value for the price. Ginny has also provided "dearedgar" as a discount code on Etsy and Ravelry for 25% off her patterns until August 8th! Here are links for Ginny's Instagram, Etsy, and Ravelry.

4. The Veela Beanie by Wanded in "Party"
Everyone bow down to Jenny - this beanie pattern just got revamped and the pattern includes instructions for FIVE sizes. You can't be a that value. You can use the code "dearedgar" on Jenny's Ravelry for 15% off this pattern until August 7th.  Here are links for Jenny's Instagram and Ravelry.

5. The Stirling Cowl by me in "Natural"
And finally, a shameless plug - while this pattern was tested with and works for lots of different bulky yarns, I wrote it specifically for Franca and the cables here are beautiful! This pattern comes out the same day that this blog is going up (July 31st), and you can use the code "julyblog" to get 50% off this pattern from my site until August 7th. Better yet, you can get it for free with a purchase of Franca. You can also find me on Instagram here!

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